15 thrillers by Indian authors worth reading

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  1. Shyamalendu Sonha says:

    I had not the opportunity to read any of the above listed books yet.Hope to read some and write comments then.

  2. Narayan says:

    It seems very interesting after reading your valuable writing. I read two books among this list – 1. compass box killer and 2. googled by god. I will try to read other books also, because as you describe in your writing it creates a massive interest

  3. Pralayankar Kumar says:

    impressive write up…it propels me to go on and read them all, you summarized them precisely and neatly 🙂 keep up the good work!!!

  4. Moitraye says:

    Hi – Am happy that you enjoyed reading my book. Thanks for the beautiful blog post :). Best Wishes,

  5. I am happy that you liked In the Shadows of Death. Being an avid reader of thrillers myself, I find this list of thrillers by fellow Indian authors comprehensive and useful.

  6. Arvind Narsima says:

    Kindly do try out my new book – THE INVESTIGATOR SERIES/ARYA-A NEW BEGINNING. I am sure you will start loving ARYA, as so many people have.

  7. Sagar says:

    All’s well…But 03:02 is thriller at start and as it progresses like any other bollywood movie Turns out to be a love story during the tragedy.. no offence to the author.. but I was pissed off on wasting time to a love story which i expected to be a class 1 thriller.. I personally didn’t like the book in the category of thrillers .

  8. anurag says:

    great collection! thanks a lot for the writeup! 🙂
    i have ordered one of these today on amazon

  1. October 28, 2016

    […] are the best options to start reading as it piques your interest and doesn’t bores you. These are my favorite list of 15 books which will make you thrilled indeed. I would suggest you to pick […]

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