About Me

Hey Guys!

I am Amrita and this is my blog about books and sometimes about beauty and lifestyle.

My love of books grew at very young age with Ramayana for children with pictures. I could not read properly but I loved to watch those pictures and later i heard it was a weapon for my mum to convince me eat which I didn’t want to. There, I grew the habit of reading books with every meal. tastier the meal, better should be the book.

My father indulged my passion by taking me to the Kolkata book fair every year without fail. By then I had the clear idea that these are my soulmates, in different shapes and sized, in colorful covers, calling me to touch them, explore them, hold them and keep them for life.

We had one pre library in school. The logic behind pre library was it was small room filled with old books covering the whole wall and the junior kids were allowed to visit that library only before visiting the main library on sixth standard onward.
Our school, being one of the oldest school in country, used to have many old books, documents, manuscripts in that room and it intrigued my like a discovering chamber of secrets.

My studies and job kept me busy sometimes and not always I get to be in their company but I have promised myself to always pick them up from where I left like good old friend.

I hope you like my posts and I can’t wait to talk with you guys.

See you soon!